Funding areas

For the first time in history, our species is making an indisputable impact on the entire planet. Pushed by population growth and access to higher standards of living, our increasingly interconnected global human societies can irrevocably alter the earth’s climate or destroy thousands of animal and plant species. They also can reshape or sometimes entrench economic and social realities for millions of people. With our new and immense collective power comes an equally important responsibility to control that power and look for paths to a new sustainable equilibrium.

Fondation Erol clearly sees a path towards a prosperous and harmonious world where human societies find a new balance within our ecosystem. We are absolutely confident that we will eventually get there. We want to be active participants today in making the changes in the mindsets, the institutions and the systems that are required to address the 21st century’s challenges.

For the 10-year period 2010-2020, we are focusing our investments in three core funding areas: Equality of Chances, 21st Century Citizens, Sustainable environmental systems. We see these as three critical and synergistic steps on our shared path: empowering people to create a future beyond the one they were born into, equipping them with the tools to take committed action and supporting them to design and scale sustainable solutions.