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Igniting a Sustainable Global Economy

Ceres is a recognized thought leader and advocate working to mobilize investor and business leadership toward a thriving, sustainable global economy. They seek systems change within capital markets, and encourage key players to incorporate long-term environmental and social risks instead of relying on short-term returns as a measure of economic health.

Ceres has a strong track record of working with leading companies, investors, public interest groups and policymakers to reduce carbon emissions and other pollutants, protect vital natural resources like water supplies, ensure safe and just working conditions for employees, and reduce the reliance on fossil fuels while transitioning to a clean energy economy.


  • Catalyze the business sector as a driving force on climate change
  • Protect our planet and our competitiveness on a global scale


  • Honest accounting around environmental impacts, such as largely unchecked carbon pollution
  • Higher standards of business and investor leadership
  • Scalable solutions that accelerate green innovation globally
  • Policies that discourage high-polluting technologies and reward cleaner, more sustainable ones

Grants awarded

  • 2016 - Mobilizing investor and business leadership to build a thriving, sustainable global economy