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Launching the IGNITE Fellows Program

IGNITE offers comprehensive civic and political engagement programming for young women in high schools, colleges and universities with a focus on lower-income students who have not traditionally engaged in the civic and political fabric of our country. IGNITE believes that democracy is strengthened when all people are civically engaged, and all people are represented. Students are passionate about improving their communities, and learn to see themselves as leaders, realizing their power to drive policy and systemic change.


  • Create a new Fellowship Program to capitalize on momentum around getting women into public office
  • Expand impact through fellow-led training and organizing
  • Move forward policy issues like violence against women, immigration, women’s health, wage equality, parental leave


  • A cohort of politically ambitious young women is trained and supported to run for office
  • Fellows connect to elected women, policy makers, and campaign consultants who advise and open up career opportunities
  • Multiplier effect as each fellow engages 250+ students in organizing and training

Grants awarded

  • 2016-2017: Launch a year-long Fellowship Program for civically engaged and politically ambitious college women