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LEAF Academy

Inspiring and training young people to become tomorrow’s environmental leaders

Fondation Erol’s first-ever grant in 2010 went to a program called LEAF (Leadership, Ecology, Action, Fellowship) Academy. Teachers at Presidio Hill School in San Francisco created LEAF to help young students understand the tenets of ecology so that they may become leaders with the skills and knowledge to make environmental change.

Our Commitments: Sustainable Environmental Systems & 21st Century Citizens

LEAF's mission is fundamentally aligned with our interest in helping young people build the skills to become positive actors in their communities and on the global stage. We made a three-year commitment to help launch the program and ultimately expand it to public schools and students in San Francisco.

In its first two years, LEAF developed a powerful, replicable framework to connect middle school students to ecological principles and their local ecology, to develop their leadership skills through experiential learning, and to support them in engaging their schools and communities in projects that reduce environmental impact. Our initial work with LEAF began with the documentation of the organization’s inspirational story, with design support from Amplifier Strategies.

LEAF Academy 2012 video:

Grant Potential

Now that the LEAF curriculum and strategy are up and running, the program is ready to expand to increase access to outdoor education for youth in underserved communities. Fondation Erol is committed to making experiential environmental education available to children from all backgrounds, and we are excited to watch LEAF continue to grow.


  • Expand a promising model of ecological education, awareness and service


  • Provide learning and leadership opportunities in environmental stewardship to underserved students in the Bay Area

Grants awarded

  • Expand LEAF summer programs to new schools and students
  • Develop curriculum and create and distribute new program materials
  • Streamline marketing and digital resources
  • Fund ongoing Bay Area programming