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Validating And Scaling a Holistic Poverty Alleviation Model In Kenya

Nuru International focuses on the root causes of poverty – disempowerment, lack of education, lack of resources – rather than the symptoms. The organization’s integrated development model, first launched in the Kuria district of Kenya, is grounded in training and equipping communities to deliver effective solutions. It seeks long-term sustainability through local leadership and income generation. Nuru is committed to rigorous monitoring and evaluation to understand the impact of its interventions and to make better decisions based on what it learns.

Our Commitment: Equality of Chances

Erol shared Nuru’s long-term commitment to creating opportunities for the world’s poor and the organization’s vision for creating a brighter future for all people. Nuru founder Jake Harriman and his US-based team grappled with the programmatic and operational capacity issues of a young organization seeking to create sustainable, scalable impact. They were not afraid to address their growth strategy, exit strategy, partnerships, fund development and income generation efforts, board leadership, financial management and team structure, all of which will are necessary to scale. Encouraged by Nuru’s commitment to explore strategies that could truly transform lives, Erol engaged with Nuru around four key program areas:

  • agriculture
  • community economic development
  • health care
  • education

Grant Potential

Encouraged by Nuru’s progress and evaluation to date, we provided core support for Nuru to scale and deliver its model across Kenya, build organizational infrastructure for monitoring and evaluation, strengthen organizational leadership and attract additional philanthropic support. With additional funding, Nuru’s model will expand beyond Kenya to communities where the need is great. Strong measurement and evaluation on key outcomes such as increased crop yields and decreased childhood mortality will strengthen program effectiveness and attract new partnerships.

Already, the Nuru team has partnered with the International Fund for Agricultural Development as the first organization in Africa to pilot a Multidimensional Poverty Assessment Tool. The Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society and the Robertson Foundation are engaged as institutional partners.

How Nuru Works from Nuru International on Vimeo.


  • Deliver a successful model for poverty alleviation to new geographies in Kenya and expand to other African countries
  • Build organizational infrastructure and capacity to collect data and measure impact


  • Support and empower rural farming families
  • Create a fully self-sustaining model for farm-based livelihoods, economic development, education and healthcare

Grants awarded


  • Validate proof of concept for poverty alleviation
  • Ramp up Income Generating Activities and Leadership Programs to sustain and scale programs in Kenya


  • Continue impact data collection, analysis and sharing
  • Expand capacity beyond Kenya and validate program strategies for new geographies


  • Ensure sustainability in Kenya
  • Scale integrated community development model in Kenya and Ethiopia
  • Launch independent scaling partnerships in two additional countries