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Stanford School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences

Understanding Economic Impacts of Climate Change

Stanford Earth scientists work to gain a better understanding of our planet’s history and its future, the energy and resource base that supports society, geologic hazards that impact a growing population, a changing climate, and the challenge of sustainability. The school’s global experts employ a variety of methods and tools to address research questions, including field work, laboratory and experimental studies, and computer modeling.


  • Inform a global conversation among scientists, economists, world leaders, and other influencers
  • Catalyze action toward a more stringent target of 1.5˚C vs. 2˚C change in global temperature while both scenarios are under consideration by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change


  • Report quantifying the global economic impacts of a 1.5˚C vs. 2˚C change in global temperature by 2100
  • Delivered to key influencers and decision-makers

Grants awarded

  • 2016-2017 - Understanding the impacts of climate change on a global economy