A modern philanthropic approach targets ending extreme poverty

After more than a year of engagement with BRAC--the innovative NGO that created the graduation approach to extreme poverty alleviation--we saw an incredible opportunity to deepen our engagement around this defining global challenge. The result was our largest commitment to date and the birth of Uplift, a collaborative initiative with Amplifier and other strategic partners.

Uplift is a group of visionary investors and cross-sector partners committed to scaling the graduation approach. The graduation approach is a 16-to-24 month sequenced program that takes women from basic survival to achieving sustainable livelihoods. Participants receive stabilizing support for basic needs, learn marketable skills to start small businesses, and fully participate in their communities through social inclusion programs. We are reaching the poorest places in the world to unleash the potential of one million women across twenty countries.

Our Commitment: Equality of Opportunity

Uplift is the next phase of our engagement in extreme poverty alleviation following our initial grant work with BRAC. BRAC is an anchor practitioner and will play a key role in ensuring quality program implementation. Amplifier is providing strategy, communications and technology tools to support rapid adoption of graduation programs. With support from the Erol Executive Committee and the Board of Directors, Erol made a five-year funding commitment and signed on as Initiative Chair. We are excited to work alongside Amplifier and a consortium of other organizations in the effort to end to extreme poverty in this lifetime.

Project Potential

When world leaders adopted the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, they placed fighting global poverty at the top of the list. Poverty influences virtually every sector of development and dominates people’s lives. Because of poverty, girls go uneducated, preventable diseases spread, societies destabilize, maternal and child mortality rates soar and climate change is worsened due to resource exploitation. Uplift’s strategy to scale a proven approach--leading researchers have found graduation approaches are 95 percent success with benefits that last long after families have finished the program--offers enormous potential for impact. Large-scale impact through governmental adoption of proven programs in dozens of countries can make a significant social return on investment and create global momentum toward the vital goal of eliminating extreme poverty by 2030.


  • To build a comprehensive strategy to scale a proven extreme poverty alleviation program.


  • Our five-year commitment is targeting the next one million women and 20 countries for adoption of Graduation approaches

Project Activities

  • Uplift is building a suite of technologies, creating vital infrastructure and building a needed investor network.