How We Invest

Global Reach

The Erol Foundation is a Geneva, Switzerland-based entity with an international scope. The foundation has a management team located in San Francisco, California. The board has a special interest in emerging and developing countries. The board will periodically review the balance of international, national and local/regional grantmaking in light of emerging opportunities and effective use of resources.

A Portfolio Approach to Grantmaking

Fondation Erol uses a portfolio approach to grantmaking. We develop synergistic, 10-year core funding areas around which we build knowledge, skills and relationships, strengthening our ability to impact the field over time. Within each core funding area we design a three-year strategy to explore specific topics where we believe we can make a difference. These three-year plans enable us to adaptively manage and learn from our grantmaking, and to be responsive to emerging needs and realities. We then translate our strategies into dynamic portfolios that seek leverage and results through multiple grants to confront different angles of a problem. We welcome projects that bring together overlapping elements and combine approaches in a multi-faceted or holistic systems approach.

Erol Funding Process

Early-to-Growth Stage

We are especially interested in models that have the potential to be adapted and scaled. We often target projects in the proof-of-concept phase - providing an on-the-ground evaluation of a promising model. Once the proof of concept is validated, we may consider reinvesting in an organization to build the vision, strategy, leadership and other capacities to take the project to the next level. We also fund activities to share the wisdom gained through basic research and the practical experience of implementation.

Erol Funding Operate

We invite you to read more about our core funding areas to get a sense of the foundation's funding priorities. We also encourage you to read about our projects to learn about the types of organizations and projects we have supported.