Grant process

Fondation Erol does not accept unsolicited grant proposals. From time to time, we invite letters of interest (LOIs) – brief descriptions of projects that fit our core funding areas and current funding priorities. Click here to see if any funding priorities are currently accepting LOIs.

Fondation Erol makes grants to U.S.-based 501(c)(3) organizations and international organizations with charitable status in their home countries. We do not make grants to individuals.

The foundation finds potential grantees through two channels: primarily through direct outreach to organizations that interest us, and, where applicable, the LOI process described below.

The foundation typically awards grants twice a year, in or around April and October. Grant size ranges from $50,000 – $200,000 over one to two years. Larger grants for longer periods of time generally are available by invitation only and to previous grantees.

Our application process is as follows:

Step 1: Direct Contact

In most cases,* the foundation initiates the proposal process by contacting an organization directly to explore ideas relevant to one of our core funding areas. Typically, during this conversation, we invite a two-to-three-page concept paper to showcase the funding opportunity.

*On occasion, the foundation makes an open request for letters of interest via our website. Fondation Erol does not accept unsolicited full proposals, however. Click here to see if any funding priorities are currently inviting LOIs.

Step 2: Request for Proposal

Invited applicants submit a full proposal to the foundation. Proposals are generally accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Step 3: Proposal Review and Evaluation

The program officer conducts reviews and due diligence on the proposed projects and the applicant organizations. This may include requests for additional information, interviews with key staff, and a site visit. The program officer then submits recommendations to the executive committee and board of directors. Erol’s executive committee reviews all solicited proposals, not only those recommended for funding by the program officer. The board of directors makes final grant decisions.

Step 4: Grant Award

Grantees execute an agreement with the foundation covering the legal and core programmatic terms of the engagement (for example, use of grant funds, expected outcomes, and reporting requirements).

On occasion, Erol selects one or two of our current funding priorities and accepts letters of interest papers from projects that address those priorities.

The foundation is not accepting LOIs at this time. Please check back to learn about open funding opportunities and how to submit an LOI. You can also join our email list below to be notified when new opportunities are announced.

Renewal grants are by invitation only. We may invite a current grantee to submit a proposal for renewed support if we believe that additional investment will help build the vision, strategy, leadership and other capacities to take a project to the next level of impact and sustainability.