Current Projects & Grantees



A modern philanthropic approach targets ending extreme poverty.

1 Percent For The Planet

1% for the Planet 2.0

Amazon Conservation

Supporting leading conservation science at the Amazon headwaters.

Barefoot College

Transforming local development in poor rural areas through community-generated solutions.

BOMA Project

Scaling Graduation in the Arid and Semi Arid Lands of Africa


Scaling an effective model for graduating women and families out of ultra poverty.

Center for Mind-Body Medicine

Healing and Building Resiliency for Syrian Refugees in Jordan


Igniting a Sustainable Global Economy


Launching the IGNITE Fellows Program

Man and Nature

Promoting community-led biodiversity in Senegal.

Mercy Corps

School Education for Children in India’s Tea Garden Communities

Nuru International

Eradicating extreme poverty in Africa by empowering rural communities to achieve self-sufficiency.

Room to Read

Changing the lives of millions of children in developing countries through literacy and gender equality in education.

Stanford School of Earth,
Energy and Environmental Sciences

Understanding Economic Impacts of Climate Change

Stanford Steyer-Taylor
Center for Energy Policy
and Finance

Investing in a New Climate Workshop Series

Sustainable Surf

Protecting oceans and creating partnerships through surf culture.

The Battery Foundation
and Creative Growth

Artists of our Era: Advancing Achievement

Past Projects & Grantees

Alaska Conservation
Foundation & Bristol Bay United

Protecting a world-famous waterway from the industrial activities.


Creating opportunities for rural communities in the Himalaya using environmentally friendly, locally sourced materials.

Climate & Capital

In search of planet sustainability: Spurring the necessary transition to a low-carbon economy.

Fish Hub

Promoting sustainable fisheries and strong fishing businesses through game-changing technology.

Human Rights Watch

Bearing witness to human rights violations in the United States’ poorest communities.

LEAF Academy

Inspiring children to engage with ecological systems and change the way their school communities impact the environment.

The Hunting Ground

Exploring documentary film as a medium to inspire social change.