Julie and Sébastien Lépinard


Julie and Sébastien created Fondation Erol and were the main drivers of its mission, guiding principles and core funding areas. They engage actively with the foundation’s grantees and with other donors, and advise the board of directors on strategy and grant decisions.

Jérôme Théot


Jérôme leads Erol’s board of directors to set strategic direction, define and monitor policy, make grant decisions, and ensure fiduciary accountability.


Amplifier Strategies Logo

Amplifier is our strategic partner offering critical support for the foundation’s mission and goals. Amplifier helps us develop program strategy, research new funding areas, evaluate grant opportunities and manage relationships. Amplifier is a 100-percent, mission-driven impact agency with a multidisciplinary team that imagines, designs and implements strategies to help us create a just and sustainable world for all.

Fondation EROL (the Erol Foundation) is incorporated as a charitable foundation under Swiss law and has its registered office in Geneva, Switzerland, registry #CH-660.3.315.011-8. The foundation operates under the supervision of the Surveillance Fédérale des Fondations (Federal Supervisory Board for Foundations) of the Département Fédéral de L'Intérieur (Federal Department of the Interior) in Bern, Switzerland.