Who We Are

Fondation Erol's guiding principles reflect our commitment and our beliefs about how we can best implement our mission. They are fundamental to our approach to philanthropy.

We invest in people.

We view people as the main determinant of the ultimate impact of any venture. We seek to invest in projects led by incredible people: visionaries, excellent executors and leaders who can design breakthrough solutions, carry the ball far beyond anybody else and react to adversity.

We look for impact.

We believe that a small foundation can catalyze long-term, large-scale change by exploring new ideas, making connections, seeking leverage points and working with partners to bring good models to scale. While we do not believe that every important aspect of a project can be quantified, we do define success for each of our investments and measure progress against that definition.

We take the long view.

Impact doesn’t happen overnight. We explore and identify our investment priorities with future generations in mind. We recognize that durable change can take generations to take root, and accept that our successes or failures may manifest beyond our investment cycle.

We value innovative thinking.

Large, unresolved problems often require new solutions but always benefit from fresh, innovative thinking. We invest in organizations and people who look at old problems in new ways and who have the presence, insight and imagination to recognize emerging realities. We seek innovative models that can be field tested on a small scale and look for inflection points for broader application. We support the discovery and sharing of breakthrough ideas.

Transparency creates efficiency.

We are committed to openness and collaboration with our grantees and partners. We strive to make our communications, grant application and decision-making processes transparent, efficient and rigorous. We expect our grantees to share this pursuit.